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Your Loved One's Ashes Turned Into Wearable Art Order Now

Garrett Brebes is a second generation glassworker. Both his mother and father sculpted glass his entire life. Growing up around the medium was amazing, the heat, the intensity, and beauty captivated him as a child. The family company, Brebes Studios, has produced artwork for such clients as, General Motors, Kellogg’s, and President Eisenhower.

When Garrett was about to graduate high school he lost his mother to cancer. It happened so suddenly and quick it left his father and him heavy hearted. Garrett inherited his mother’s glassblowing equipment and saw it as an opportunity to deal with the grieving process by being close with his father and creating art. Garrett has now been blowing glass with his father, Larry Brebes, as a mentor for 20 years. Recently he has been asked by quite a few family members and friends to infuse cremated ashes into necklaces, marbles, and various keepsakes. He saw this as an incredible opportunity to bring his glass knowledge full circle to that day he started with such sadness in his heart and hopefully have the glasswork lift others hearts like it did his.

“Nothing else I have created through the years brings such passion through my hands into the glass.”

-Garrett Brebes

After much trial and error we have created a method to infuse your loved one’s ash with molten glass. Making for graceful rings, pendants or marbles. Only a small amount of ash is needed (about a teaspoon).

We ask that you send us a small amount of ash in double zip lock bags, Pet ashes can be sent through the mail. Other ashes need a different shipping label easily available at the post office.

We look forward to bringing smiles, memories, and keepsakes for generations to come.

Garrett Brebes – Founder

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